Reveal Magazines powered by Ownera proudly presents The Inaugural Chief Executive Officer of The Year Awards Gala, referred to as  "CEO Gala," - founded to honour Niagara’s Leaders of all company sizes, phases, and industries who have made notable influences for growing their organizations, advancing their industries, and giving back to their community especially during this pandemic response year. 


Thank you to all that make this award ceremony possible. You deserve a grand round of applause! 

Nine Niagara Chief Executives will be honoured

Beyond the talks, we will feature many leaders and their companies that have made positive influences within the community and beyond.

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The Chief Executive Officer of The Year Gala tickets are available at $250 per person or $1,500 per table of 6. Sponsorship packages are available. The Chief Executive Officer of The Year Honouree’s Charity of Choice will benefit from the proceeds of this event. 

5:30-6:00 PM

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Neil Thornton, President of the Thornton Group, specializes in business strategy planning, development, coaching and business training and HR recruitment in Niagara, Hamilton and Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For 20 years Neil has worked with corporate, medium, and small businesses to develop vision, strategy, values, entrepreneurship, team building, sales training, and recruiting the best people for the job. Reveal is honoured to have Neil as this year's CEO Gala Master of Ceremonies.


For years, Reveal has witnessed dynamic leaders across profit, non-profit, and public organizations making distinguishable acts to grow the Niagara economy. This year, Reveal is honoured for an opportunity to recognize them. The following are the descriptions to each of the award categories:

Chief Executive in Thought Leadership

This leader has a profound effect on their organization by clearly articulating their vision and leading innovation through effective communication and technology. They are willing to explore unknown territories, challenge comfortable positions, and ask uncomfortable questions to generate new insights that will push people and business forward.

Chief Executive in Community Leadership

This leader is focused on creating a community-centric corporate culture as well as executing a social responsibility into the local economic community. They are personally invested in engaging others, ultimately creating an environment where anyone can exercise initiative and get involved in community outreach in Niagara and beyond. 

Chief Executive in Employer Leadership

This leader adopts a style and approach that best suits the needs and goals of the organization itself, sometimes ignoring their natural, personality-driven inclinations. They lead while also ensuring to create employee-centric culture that demonstrates a clear and sustained capacity for inclusivity, growth, creativity, and provide remuneration for suitable lifestyle.

Chief Executive in Industry Leadership

This leader is heavily invested in industry-specific challenges and opportunities, and outwardly seeks partnerships and collaboration amongst other industry leaders with the intention to enhance and improve the sector as a whole. They look at what their organization can do to further the goals of the industry in addition to the goals of the organization.

Chief Executive in Environmental Leadership

This leader focuses not only on delivering economic solutions that fill a need but doing so in a sustainably conscious manner, requiring attention to both global and local environmental and circular needs. They understand the environmental and social impacts of their organizations, products, and services; and seek opportunities within the market to innovate.

The Promising Chief Executive (2 - 4 years in business)

This leader exemplifies the strongest belief, commitment, and determination to succeed, leveraging their passion and perseverance to solution every obstacle that young companies are faced with. They maintain clear focus on the vision and mission of the organization while also being agile and adaptable to do what is necessary to achieve it.

The Sophisticated Chief Executive (5 - 14 years in business)

This leader understands their unique position in business, and continuously analyzes the organizations' current standing against its place in its industry, as well as its directional position forward. They leverage the collective experience of its shareholders, and thoroughly think through major strategic movements to secure the longevity of the organization’s future.

The Signified Chief Executive (15+ years in business)

This leader has an unwavering appreciation and commitment to long-term value creation against an ever-evolving scale of shareholder, employee, and consumer expectation. They understand that they must strike a balance between growth in mature markets, but also showing agility and poise to identify, enter, and grow new market share through innovation.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Year 2022

This leader is highly authentic visionary, and not understand but embrace the immense responsibility that they yield. Their overall strategic vision places a greater priority on people and society as it relates to generating profits, without sacrificing strong fiscal responsibility. Their leadership is rooted in providing value, community, and collaboration; and generally have low turnover, with highly trusted and engaging teams.


The nominee must hold the position of Chief Executive Officer, President, Founder, Owner, or the highest position within a company/division based in Niagara, Canada for at least two (2) years.

The nominee must currently lead at least five (5) employees.

The nominee’s company must be in business for at least two (2) years.

The nominee will be asked to provide examples of what they have achieved during this pandemic response year. The judging committee and Reveal editors will evaluate and review every nomination and will select the finalists and honourees in each category.

There are only two (2) finalists competing in each category which will be selected the week of Oct 18, 2021, and the finalists will be notified. The Chief Executive Honourees will be announced at the CEO of The Year Gala Awards Ceremony at the Marriott On The Falls, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada in April 2022.

Each of the finalists will receive a complimentary ticket to the CEO Gala.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Year Honouree’s Charity of Choice will benefit from the proceeds of this event.

Stake your claim as Reveal’s influential Chief Executive Officer of the Year 2022 and enjoy the following benefits:


All nominees will have the distinction from Reveal as one of the influential Chief Executives in Niagara with an opportunity to win within their categories and be considered for Reveal’s influential Chief Executive Officer of The Year Award!


Reveal invites you to attend the 2022 CEO Gala at the Marriott On The Falls, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in April of 2022. The CEO Gala is complimentary to each of the finalists in attendance. Tickets are available for $250 per person or $1,500 per table of 6. Sponsorship packages are available. The Chief Executive Officer of The Year Honouree's Charity of Choice will benefit from the proceeds of this event.

Media Exposure

Reveal Magazines has a readership of 2.1 million with strategic print and online distribution Niagara-region-wide, nation-wide, and world-wide. Reveal has revolutionary Online Marketing and Advertising platforms along with a state-of-the-art PR and Communication software, allowing for global reach. Reveal's coverage is currently in 103 countries and growing.

All nominees, finalists, and honourees’ names will be listed as a special feature in Reveal Niagara Business Magazine.

Each of the nine (9) honourees will receive a special placement in Reveal’s 2022 magazine issues as follows: Each of the eight (8) Chief Executive honourees by Category will receive a half-page advertorial feature in one of Reveal Magazines' issues; and One (1) Chief Executive Officer of The Year Honouree will receive a centre-spread advertorial in two (2) of Reveal Magazines' 2022 issues.

Reveal will also include an online campaign about the nominees, finalists, and honourees through organic posts, blogs, articles, embeds on all Ownera and Reveal websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Issuu. Campaign time frame is set within the year 2022-2023.

Presence, Productivity, & Poise

Every nomination will be seen and evaluated directly by the category judging committees and Reveal editors. Reveal editors will source creative assets and write articles about Chief Executives' achievements in Niagara and beyond. Reveal’s goal is to empower Niagara's business community, both its leaders and workforce, to improve business opportunities and employment prospective.

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The Chief Executive Officer  of The Year 2022

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The Signified  Chief Executive



Guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening, the CEO Gala is sure to dazzle you, unlike any attended awards experience to date. The black-tie gala dinner and awards ceremony has been flawlessly orchestrated to deliver an elevated, extraordinary, and delightfully unexpected evening representing Niagara with excellence.


A distinguished and prestigious event of this scale calls for an equally impressive venue, which will be hosted at the prominent Marriott on the Falls hotel. Situated at the brink of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, this venue has impeccable views of our powerful and proud landscape while also offering a stunning interior event space. From the moment you arrive you will have all that you need, whether it be convenient and accessible parking or access to valet, further welcomed by the grand spiral staircase, into the expansive reception and ballroom spaces where you will enjoy a decadent and luxurious evening.


A night to remember, this premier event welcomes you in your most impressive attire. From tuxedos and bowties to gowns and glitz, this will be an evening to impress while also inviting you to make the most valuable of connections. You will be surrounded by fellow community leaders, award finalists, and dignitaries at a formal reception constructed to showcase the exceptional executive talents here in Niagara. Delivered by Ownera Tech, esteemed event sponsors will be showcased uniquely through augmented and virtual reality experiences, incorporating digitally advanced ways to commemorate the event and stay connected with one another beyond the evening of the gala.

Award Ceremony

This prestigious annual event will not only achieve its goal of acknowledging past and current executive accomplishments within the Niagara business community, but will also inspire and propel new leaders forward, furthering Niagara’s economic footprint. Each award category will be announced by participating sponsors, and the Master of Ceremony, Neil Thorton,  will host the stage guiding the sponsors, finalists, and honourees through each category. To further elevate the evening, results of each category will only be announced live at the gala, when the awarding sponsors is presented a secure ballot on stage, creating a true anticipation and celebration of the honourees.

Dinner Experience

Following the reception, the grand ballroom will open, welcoming all guests to the main event space with glitz, glamour, and a glass of sparkling wine presented by a local winemaker sponsor, further showcasing the bounty here in Niagara. The CEO Gala will be graced with an exquisite five-course dinner experience meticulously planned and prepared by the Marriott On The Falls' Executive Chef Thomas Luu. Renowned for his passion for local produce and communicating the farmers' journey before plating the food, Chef Luu will elevate the experience and will include impressive culinary presentation with personal introduction to each course. Menu selections will be presented at time of ticket purchase, ensuring all dietary needs are impeccably and tastefully met for the evening.

Takeaway Inspiration

An event you cannot afford to miss, all guests will have the chance to mingle and network with executive leaders, award finalists and local dignitaries, making the CEO Gala event a perfect opportunity to forge new and valuable connections through celebrating the regions finest leaders. From the digitally advanced reception to the exquisitely planned dinner and the highly anticipated awards ceremony, the evening guarantees to deliver you an awe-inspiring, elevated experience like no other. All guests will be provided a thoughtfully collected party favour ‘bag’ full of sponsorship goodies, packaged in a digital takeaway keeping you and your table free of clutter.

Charity of Choice 

Support and acknowledgement to our local community lies at the backbone of economic prosperity, which is why this inaugural CEO Gala's Charity of Choice will benefit from the proceeds of this event. The honouree awarded as the Chief Executive of The Year 2022 will select an eligible charity of choice to whom the donation will be made in their honour. The eligible charity will need to be registered Canadian charity with a physical office located within the Niagara region. The selected charitable recipient will be presented the donation publicly, and highlighted in an article in Reveal Magazine as well as on the event website.

Sponsorships available.